15 years of fertilizing
hundreds of thousands of acres.

With over 15 years of fertilizing, we have compiled major findings with SRC used in an agricultural and industrial applications.

For Agricultural.

For Home & Garden.

We have launched our Volcanic Minerals Plus brand to bring this proven, unique and powerful soil amendment to your backyard, front yard and indoor plants.

Medical Marijuana.

The potency and purity of medical products made from marijuana can vary due to differences in soils. Spanish River Carbonatite is an organic soil amendment that promotes a healthy soil environment for plant growth. SRC creates a healthy microbial environment that enhances the quality and potency of certain cannabinoids. It is free from heavy metals, pesticides and toxins harmful to human consumption.

Testing has shown significant improvements in plant size and root mass, heavier and denser buds, and potency.

Our certified crop specialist, Charlie Dunsmore, has garnered considerable knowledge regarding agronomy surrounding healthy marijuana plant growth for medical purposes.

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