We produce organic approved agromineral fertilizers.

Boreal Agrominerals Inc. ("Boreal") is a private company that explores for, tests, develops and produces organic approved agromineral fertilizers and soil amendment products. We target the purest and most reactive minerals that are approved by North American and global certifying agencies and superior for organic as well as conventional farming enterprises.

Boreal owns the unique Spanish River Carbonatite (SRC) complex located near Sudbury, Ontario Canada. Our company sells the SRC ore primarily as a natural mineral fertilizer and soil amendment in bulk agricultural markets and retail settings.

From large scale agricultural and industrial use to home and garden.

The company products are used primarily for large agricultural applications such as organic fertlization and soil amendment, however, they are also employed in home use and gardens. In the agricultural sector, they are used in row crops and forages, vegetables, fruits, and vineyards, as well as to reduce or eliminate metal toxicities in soils. For the industrial (environmental) sector, applications for mine tailings remediation, hydroseeding, and cement manufacturing In home and gardens, it is used in indoor plants, alpine and succulents, outdoor gardens, and lawn and turf applications. The company serves municipalities for playing fields, institutional facilities for turf grass, and trees and flower gardens, as well as professional horticulturists and backyard gardeners.

Our products are used globally.

Boreal products are sold through distributors and retailers in Canada, the United States, Mexico and through other global trade partners including Asia and South America.

The company is based in Toronto (North York) and Sudbury (Lively), Ontario, Canada. For full contact information, click here.

Our Leadership.

Agricultural Advisers.

  • John Slack

    John is an organic farmer and soil science lecturer. In addition, he has extensive mine development and exploration experience. John is a sought-after speaker at international organic agriculture conventions for his extensive knowledge of agrominerals & soil sciences.

Consumer Testimonials.

Mark Cohen – Amesville, Ohio

Chatham Orchards – Chatham Ontario

Juicy – Fruit Orchards & Farm Market – Ontario

More in-depth consumer reviews available in our resources section.

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Our products are available in Canada, the USA,
Mexico, South America, Asia and India.

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